This is no way to live. Good shift happens when you have experts in exercise and nutrition for perimenopause in your corner.

Perimenopause reshapes our sense of self, our bodies, our minds ....our LIVES! What used to be on autopilot has now gone off on a path of its own - RIGHT?? Shape shifters guides you through the implementation of nutrition, movement and mindset changes to get you into a shape that feels like you.

We see you & we believe in supportive spaces

  • You have a nagging sense that something in your body has changed

  • You have started to notice periods shifting, pain, brain fog, moodiness, weight gain & they don't fit your high demand life

  • You feel disempowered & confused, not knowing when mid life hormonal changes hit & what they mean for your health

  • Your body & sense of self has started changing, despite your habits remaining the same

  • You are edging your way to the 40s recalling your mother suffer, you want to be prepared

  • You feel like you are going crazy because no one else is talking about this

  • You are tired, hot & bothered!

  • You used to feel bulletproof but now you feel shell shocked & frazzled

Don't miss your chance

Now is the time to make shifts in your relationship with your mind & body. Your current & future self will thank you!

Sheryl and Unna, brought together by a client who recognised their unmatched understanding of perimenopause, have combined their passion and expertise to create Shapeshifters. With a shared commitment to empower women and offer a transformative path, they are eager to share their extensive knowledge of the latest perimenopause transition science. Through this program, they will educate and coach you, providing actionable steps to help you navigate this significant phase and find balance.

Our sessions + monthly community support for a year!

Unlock the full potential of our 24+ years of expertise to transform your life. The tailored content empowers you to make meaningful shifts at your own pace. As things evolve and change you will have support; committing to the program give exclusive access to support sessions led by the dynamic duo of Sheryl and Unna. This community coaching experience keeps you accountable and offers opportunities for personal growth. Learn from the community and seek guidance from Unna and Sheryl to ensure your success on this transformative journey.

    1. Self AUDIT - Motivation is unreliable

    2. Ditching the control agenda

    3. Bullseye

    4. Choice Point

    5. Setting SMART goals lead to success


    7. Habit Tracker

    1. Stress is subtle and often hidden. Physical, mental & emotional stress all disrupt our hormones. From toxins, to poor sleep, to the fight with your partner. We will teach you to identify & manage the stress in your life.

    2. Getting started with stress management

    3. Physical stressors

    4. Gut Health Checklist

    5. Symptom assessment tool

    6. Mastering your mental state

    7. Daily routines

    8. Boundaries

    9. Boundaries workbook

    10. Complementary therapy support

    11. Simple Breath work

    12. 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Day

    13. Remove toxins - easy and practical

    14. Cycle-syncing lifestyle

    1. We are what we eat is a reliable & unchanging idea. But the food around us is changing & the response from inside us is different. At the end of this chapter you'll know new ideas to keep you shaping up, energetic & a firing brain.

    2. Introduction to nutrition

    3. What to eat

    4. How you eat

    5. When to eat

    6. Plant diversity tracker

    7. Relationship with food

    8. Tracking your cycle

    9. Supplements

    10. Meals with 30 grams of protein

    11. Cyclical eating

    12. Other nourishing tips and tracking links

    1. If you are putting the effort into exercise you want it to pay off. You are doing your best but issues & injuries are arising. What your body needs from exercise is changing. No more unintentional sabotage from this week on. Deliberate & thoughtful only.

    2. Onboarding yourself - a guided tour on what to think about to avoid injury

    3. Breathing and diaphragms for health and stability

    4. Movement screen

    5. Pelvis and Lower back assessment

    6. Upper back and Rib assessment

    7. Strength Training - Energy Balance

    8. Strength training - nervous system balance

    9. Cardiovascular exercise without breaking

    10. Styles of Cardio

    11. How to plan an exercise block

    1. Foot and Achilles care to practice routinely

    2. Movements for strong hips

    3. Care for scars to keep movement strong

    4. Deep fascial stretches for posture & diaphragms

    5. Pelvic floor check in

    6. Rib and spine movements

About this course

  • Private FB group for that support & celebration that everyone needs & addressing question to keep you shifting
  • Full teaching library available for 1 year
  • Masterclass & specialist guest content on monthly calls

Shift happens!

So learning is all very nice right?!… but none of it means much without ACTION & OUTCOMES. This program is designed to help you with the shift into DOING so your effort is worth it! At the end of this course:

  • You will understand what foods to choose & what to leave out to feel light and energetic.

  • You will know how exercise needs to change during peri-menopause so symptoms are not worsened but improved.

  • You will experience a mindset shift to regain perspective and nurture your sense of self.

Meet your instructors

Sheryl Carroll

Integrative Health Practitioner

If you are interested in health excellence & self-management, you may already know of Sheryl Carroll.

If you know that life and health need to be aligned for true personal balance, then Sheryl is one of the first people to come to mind for dedication to health improvement. 

As someone that has turned her life around in the pursuit of knowing the science and dynamics of health, she comes with the highest trust in your health pursuits. Sheryl was a burnt-out banking professional who rose to the challenge of turning her health around. Dedicating her life to supporting others to understand and achieve true health, she studied to become an Integrative Health Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach. She is now sought out internationally for her ability to hone into the root cause of health challenges. 

Spending time with Sheryl guarantees you feeling strong, more energetic and engaged in life.

Want to know more about Sheryl?

Unna Goldsworthy

Exercise Physiologist

If you are interested in reliable bodies and strong minds, you may already have heard of Unna Goldsworthy.

As one of Australia’s most highly regarded exercise physiologists and coaches, Unna is known for creating impact and creating it quickly. Time spent with Unna guarantees feeling more energised, clearer on self-management, and striking a balance in health behaviours across all aspects of life. With a Master's degree and now complemented by 20 years of working with a wide range of people from athletes to women in leadership, in rehabilitation environments to online, Unna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which will give you clarity on what to stop doing, start doing and continue doing in movement & mental health. She does this by straddling the nuance of knowing your physiology and emotional demands of life. This launches your ability to make meaningful changes in what you choose in exercise and how your body rewards you. 

An alliance with Unna  leaves you self-determined and accountable to take these learnings with you for life.

Want to know more about Unna?

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